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Carole Samaha – Ensa Hmoumak [Official Music Video] / كارول سماحة – انسى همومك



You are looking for a creative and great gift? Or motto for the next party? Go on a journey of discovery with me. Let yourself be inspired!

  • Birthday: Why not give something else instead of SOS (socks, overall & shirt). A performance is an unforgettable gift.
  • Company event: Take your employees into the world of 1001 nights at the next company party and let yourself be part of the magic of the Orient for one evening.
  • Cultural event: culture to culture. From travel reports on art and international understanding – dancing connects worldwide.
  • Club event: Whether gymnastics, tennis, football or carnival clubs – courage is not always roaring. Everyone can participate.
  • Vernissage: Enriches the opening of your exhibition with fleeting, transient yet permanent „Art de la dance“.

Belly dancing keeps you young, belly dancing is a great alternative to the fitness center, belly dancing is fun. Belly dancing is more than just wiggling your hips! It is called Belly dance or oriental dance. In fact, the movements are not limited to the belly or hips. It is a total body workout for the inexperienced as well and strengthens the muscles and relieves tension. A woman without a belly is like a sky without stars! It is an expression of pure joie de vivre and energy.

Arabic Jingle Bells – Takht El Shebak, ENFID, Zürich 2019

Whether birthday, wedding, surprise party, open day, company party, bar, restaurant or experience show to join in, etc. Depending on the occasion, setting and audience, the oriental belly dance show can be put together individually. The belly dancer BellyWendy impresses with her sensual and spirited oriental dance! Let yourself be enchanted by BellyWendy’s unique, soulful expression and be whisked away to another world.

photographer: Eveline Salzmann, Gelterkinden

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BellyWendy Biography

BellyWendy (as Wendy Anne Brender) was born on October 16, 1988 in Basel, Switzerland. I live in Birsfelden. My father is Swiss and my mother from the Philippines. I am in a relationship with Stefan. BellyWendy has been dancing since 2010. I speak German, Swiss German and English. Dance enthusiast since my youth. The creativity, femininity and expressiveness of this ancient dance inspire BellyWendy again and again. I love traveling, dancing, nature, photography, music and sports: soccer, basketball, badminton, ice skating, bowling, the rest of my time I dedicate to my friends and family.

In addition to dancing, I am a certified wedding planner. Follow me on the app. (free).

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Authentic oriental flair

How would a fantastic event be without a magical dance performance and the unique sounds of Arabic music? The oriental dance offers diverse facets from the classic belly dance to veil and cymbal dance up to the impressive candlestick dance.

Bienken-Saal Oensingen

On request, in addition to the show, I can also:

• Involve the birthday child / guests / bridal couple • Conduct a mini-dance class for the guests • Pose a photo shoot with the guests

Framework for a „belly dance“ performance

photographer: Eveline Salzmann, Gelterkinden

For my performance I need a fitting room where I can change my clothes, if possible with a mirror (not accessible to strangers). A good quality music system is required and should be available. My music is basically on CD, if necessary also on USB. With my dance performance, I adapt to the size of the dance floor you specify. It is preferable that there is no service during the show so that I and the serving staff do not get in our way. If the performance is to be a surprise, please think of a way I can get in unnoticed.

Booking / fee

How is the fee composed? From a basic tariff for a performance and in addition there are travel expenses (depending on where the performance takes place). I would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you. It is important for me to feel you. Reach people in the heart and not just in the head. Talking to you is never a waste of time. This fee includes:

• A thoroughly prepared, sensual and impressive show: every show is rehearsed for many hours! • Handmade, professional costumes: 2 seamstresses work on one of these professional costumes for 2 – 3 months! • Outward and return journey • 15 – 20 minutes preparation time before the show, in the case of several performances also the breaks in between. •

Simple catering for BellyWendy and its vicarious agents in the form of food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by the client free of charge on the day of the event. In the case of half-day or full-day bookings, BellyWendy and its vicarious agents are to be granted appropriate breaks.

When booking a performance, unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment must be made in two installments. The first installment is 50% by bank transfer or twint 1 month before the event and the remaining 50% of the agreed amount must be booked at least 5 days before the event. Costs CHF 200 for a performance. For venues outside of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land or Rheinfelden AG, the travel time / travel expenses of CHF 100 are added.

Gallery Past Events 2011 – 2020

1. August Show, Münchenstein 2020

Inseli, Birsfelden, 2020

ENFID, Zürich 2019

Black and White Bar, Gelterkinden 2019

Medien- und Theaterfalle Basel, Studioshow 2018

Zelglihof, Sissach 2018

Puka Beach, Boracay Island, Philippinen 2017

Rippolingen Bad Säckingen, Deutschland 2016

Basler Dybli Cliquenkeller, Basel 2015

Kultureller Saal Eiken, 2015

60. Geburtstagsfeier, Muttenz 2015

Stein, Appenzell Ausserrhoden 2015

Ramada Plaza Basel jetzt HYPERION Hotel, Basel 2015

Jechs Grand Pavilion Pangasinan, Philippinen 2013

Bienken-Saal Oensingen, 2011

three rules

There are three rules: feel good, dance to the rhythm and don’t put yourself under pressure! ♡

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