BellyWendy Biography

BellyWendy (as Wendy Anne Brender) was born on October 16, 1988 in Basel, Switzerland. I live in Birsfelden. My father is Swiss and my mother from the Philippines. I am in a relationship with Stefan. BellyWendy has been dancing since 2010. I speak German, Swiss German and English. Dance enthusiast since my youth. The creativity, femininity and expressiveness of this ancient dance inspire BellyWendy again and again. I love traveling, dancing, nature, photography, music and sports: soccer, basketball, badminton, ice skating, bowling, the rest of my time I dedicate to my friends and family.

In addition to dancing, I am a certified wedding planner. I graduated my study commercial and business. I was able to gain a lot of experience in customer contact. I worked in various industries and also had international customers. When I was young I was flower girl at weddings and took on a role at wedding celebrations. I completed a one-year course as a wedding planner and successfully completed it in March 2020. Now it is my goal to start my dream job as a wedding planner.

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