Booking fee

On request, in addition to the show, I can also:

• Involve the birthday child / guests / bridal couple • Conduct a mini-dance class for the guests • Pose a photo shoot with the guests

Booking / fee

How is the fee composed? From a basic tariff for a performance and in addition there are travel expenses (depending on where the performance takes place). I would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you. It is important for me to feel you. Reach people in the heart and not just in the head. Talking to you is never a waste of time. This fee includes:

• A thoroughly prepared, sensual and impressive show: every show is rehearsed for many hours! • Handmade, professional costumes: 2 seamstresses work on one of these professional costumes for 2 – 3 months! • Outward and return journey • 15 – 20 minutes preparation time before the show, in the case in case of several performances also the breaks in between. • The price ranges from around 160 to 200 CHF for a Performance depending on where the performance takes place.

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